After a long time….

I have been thinking since such a long time to get serious about my blog and start pinning down my thoughts. I know this would help me know myself as a better person . I know that reflecting on my thoughts would help me know more about my thought process, see my drawbacks and improve. But I have been so busy and at the same time lazy.

I need to really compel myself to start on a new task (even though I know its benefits). But once I start it, I get immersed into it with my full heart. This is how I am. Or atleast this is how I believe that I am. Lets see over time if this is true – if I remain true to my blog.

Today is Thanksgiving Day. One of my seniors and her family arranged a Thanksgiving party for us – especially the international students. It was so much fun. I had my favorite food there -brownies, chocolate cake (yummm); played Guitar Hero; listened to piano; laughed; enjoyed .I am really thankful to her for all this. And yes, the best part of today – I experienced sleet for the first time in my life at her place. I felt sooooo happy. But it was not for a long time though…….. I am waiting for the first snow…..

I am feeling so happy right now – waiting for snow, waiting for December to go back home. Wow…..Wow…wow……


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