What’s my stand after spending 4 months of my life away from my family….

The last four months made me realize a number of things:

1. The importance of my family and my loved ones to me and what impact they have on my life.

2. I now know the importance of “Going back home”….

3. Some knowledge about the field of Human computer interaction design….

Elaborating more on my last point, some words that pop up in my head:

  • Design based on what users (oops, humans is a better word) want.
  • Design and evaluate and then redesign and again evaluate and redesign and……. -> that is how you take each step further towards a better design.
  • The needs of humans are not just what he says. He may at times not know what he really wants, may not be able to communicate it properly. Also his needs are always influenced by the environment around him (physical objects and socially through other people). That is why ethnographic studies are so important.
  • Design is not primarily graphical design or the layout or the aesthetics, this is just a small section of the bigger picture of interaction design/experience design.
  • A good design should be able to create a rich user-experience (interaction, social, emotion, aesthetics)
  • User study methods : disposable camera study, questionnaires, surveys, interviews,focus groups, ethnography studies – fly on the wall, contextual inquiry, observer participant
  • Evaluation techniques : usability testing, heuristic evaluation, task analysis, prototyping
  • We as designers have to take responsibility for our designs because our designs affect the behavior and thinking of those who use it and has an influence on the society as a whole. We need to take in account the ethical, social, environmental and sustainability issues as well. The designers should have a far-sight of the impact their design could make.
  • Designing needs deep thinking. Design is basically an argument (a convincing one).

My latest Mantra as a designer: Minimalistic and simple yet effectively powerful.


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