Design in real life

A few  days back, my life taught me a lesson that corresponds to the design principles that I have been studying since the last 4 months here. There are a number of ways if you are trying to help someone out. But the trick is, not to select just any one of the hundred possible ways to help him/her out. If you wanna help, choose the one that makes them happy. That is when you are truly helping them out and making them happy.

Which translates to the basic HCI design principle – through your design, you may be trying to solve a problem, but always keep in mind, the people for whom you are solving the problem. I may just design something that I think solves the problem for them but it may not be true. It is true only if it satisfies those for whom I am solving it. If it makes them happy. Which reminds me of a line somewhere- “Its about them, not me..”  ahh…so true


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