Back with a bang….

Last month had the maximum number of best days of my life. I went back home to India and each day that I spent there is full of beautiful memories. But do you know, what was the best compliment that I received there. Well, here is the story….

At times, I commented on things that, I came across and found to be amazingly well designed or lacking in some aspect of design. And people around me (my family members, relatives, cousins, friends or whoever) would reply back to me, “We know you are studying Human Computer Interaction Design“. And I received almost similar comments from three different people. It was not my grades that made me excited but this comment (which I ofcourse took as a compliment). wow! My perspective towards things has changed. I am growing as a designer.

So, I was just reflecting on how all this happened……..Well, my next few posts are going to be some of my old blogs that I wrote over the past few months, but did not post them here.Read them and you shall see how my thinking developed over time…


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