Old Post No.3

Emotional design….

Posted by sakshigupta on September 26, 2007

We have already had a discussion in the class about the relative importance of graphic designing in creation of a good design. I read Norman’s emotional design and came to the conclusion that attractive things do tend to create an emotional impact on us. And emotions in turn, affect our thinking. As in the example of Pecha Kucha – “Clean after your dog. Children play here.”

As Norman says, attractive things make people feel good, which in turn makes them think more creatively and also makes things easier to use as people tend to look around for alternatives, if things dont work the right way the first time. As for the other case he says that, “the tendency to repeat the same operation over again is especially likely for those who are anxious or tense”.

I would agree that making something attractive does affect our emotional state and therefore our way of thinking. However, I would not consider it to be the only important thing in product or interface design. Had that been the case, people would have been happy with anything that is beautiful, no matter how complex or badly designed it is. It just had to look and pleasing. But no, that is not true! Something that is attractive but badly designed may attract the user initially, but not after that.

Thus, I would consider graphic designing to be just a part of making good user-centred designs.

I was wondering,what are other peoples views on this…Is there somebody who thinks about it differently…


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