Old Post No.4

10 minutes of waiting at the bus stop…

Posted by sakshigupta on October 18, 2007

Its strange how some of the best insights come to us at the weirdest of times. Last night after the discussion related to the CHI problem, I was waiting for the bus outside the Main Library. The bus was behind schedule and I started feeling restless. Suddenly a word popped up in my head “Adaptation”.A few days back I was thinking of GOD as a designer, of how perfectly he designed everything around us – the nature, environment, beauty, flora, fauna, and the way all living beings interact, the food chain,everything in this world….He designed us as well……..

But He did not stop after designing us. He created a phenomenon through which he redesigns each of his creations. The phenomenon of “Adaptations” – of how living beings adapt themselves to the changes in the environment and these changes are then sometimes carried over to the next generations and become a part of His designs and leads to evolution.

And this also reminded me of Will talking about the redesigning process as an important part of CHI project. And about what Marty said last week while talking about colors for presentation, about natural colors:the colors of nature…..

GOD is a perfect designer….And all of us aim to be good designers…..I look up to Him as an inspiration for my designs…


One Comment

  1. I think the phenomenon developed by God is EVOLUTION and not Adaptation. Agreed, the species tht do not adapt cannot evolve, yet adaptation is an individual’s action and not that of God. If the specie is ready to adapt to the environment in which it lives, then God in response to that evolves it.
    Similarly, as a designer, u don’t have any say in user’s adaptability of an interface.


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