You are a designer……

Design is argument.It is the logic.The logic that I applied while developing my software codes/algorithms OR the logic that I use now in creating new artifacts.

I am working on my online portfolio right now. At first, I thought of dividing my projects into design projects,development projects,evaluation projects and graphics projects. However, as I think about the above definition of design that I have adopted, I realize that all of them are infact design projects. Whether I was creating an algorithm and writing a code, or if I was thinking about the best way to make an animation or whether I was working on the best way to be able to evaluate a website. To me, all of them are now design projects. All of them have an argument in them.

Which now makes me think further that, whatever we do, we always have an argument for it, a reason for it, a logic in it. That means that we are always designing. Each one of us is a designer. Each decision we take (big or small / work-related or personal), is a design. We are designing ourselves. We are designing things around us. And whatever we do, whatever decisions we take, have far-reaching effects.

GOD is a great designer and he made ALL of us as Designers.

However, what we need to do, is, to be a “good designer”. We need to take responsibility for our designs(our actions). Our designs and our decisions should benefit the community at large.


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