Designed for experience

Two days ago, one of my friends showed me the photographs of her parents 25th anniversary celebrations. Since it was the silver jubilee celebrations, they had organized a special party on the theme “Bollywood”. They had organized the whole place to have a look and feel of a movie premiere. They started out by sending the invitation card in a form of an entrance pass. Throughout the place, in and around the venue, they had film posters and billboards in which the pictures of her parents replaced those of the actual actors. At the entrance, they had the red carpet welcome and a “House full” board standing at one end. My friend and her sister stood like press reporters with the press batches and those typical microphones of new channels and interviewed the guests about how they felt to be gracing the occasion. As I was looking through the photographs, I could not help but realize that it was a live example, where in, they had created a true experience of a movie premiere for their guests. Everything that they organized, the decor of the place, the various performances, live singers, all the things acted like multiple mediators , which together created a complete experience.

And the success of their design could be seen by the fact that everybody seemed to enjoyed the party so much that it stretched on till 3:30 in the morning, 2 hours more than their decided schedule. They kept getting calls from their guests till a week after the party about how extraordinary experience the party was.

“Work is rarely work at desktop alone. There are so many other things around, that we interact with, while doing our work”. There are multiple mediators that affect our work. These mediators should be designed to work in conjunction to create an overall, complete, fulfilling experience.


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