Reality…Experience… Expression…Meaning

Reality, Experience, Expression, Meaning – these words sound so simple to us, yet my understanding of these words has changed over the past few days. I believe I have got a deeper understanding of them. Thanks to Dewey, Turner, Bruner, Mc.Carthy & Wright and of course Prof. Bardzell . I always thought that reading philosophical papers is not my cup of tea. But now having “experienced” these readings ,I feel I have a better hand at them.

Reality is the events that occur around us. But the way we experience it, is different from reality. Experience is more of a personal phenomenon. And the way we articulate or express our experience, results into an expression. The way we experience things, depends on what meaning we derive out our interaction with any expression. Meaning is a relative term based on our previous experiences with similar kinds of expressions and our current experience with an expression.


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