My Philosophical Profile as a designer…..

I filled this out for one of my design classes, as to what were my design beliefs and principles:

Design Values – design is an argument well‐presented. Designers are responsible for the artefacts that they design and the effects that it has on the society and surrounding. Design should clearly communicate the message it is intended to or the purpose it is designed for. Design for performance, efficiency, user-experience

Design Methods – designing for usability and user experience (user studies, ethnographic methods, interviews, questionnaires, surveys, cultural probes, participatory design, usability tests, and heuristic evaluation.) Methods to be used depend on the nature of problem and available resources and time. Generally start with a low‐fidelity quick prototype like paper prototype to test the concept and to help dwell deeper and then moving over to higher fidelity prototypes.

Design Representations – design can be represented as an artefact or a system or an argument. Design can be compared on the basis of argument, feasibility and need.


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