An element of experience design

If I reflect back on most of my past experiences, I find a similarity in most of them. Most of the experiences that I have had, are when I went to the artifact instead of the artifact coming to me. And going to an artifact was also a part of experience. There was anticipation that this is going to be something special or atleast different. I agree that a surprise or something completely unexpected (when the artifact comes to us) can also create an experience for us. But if I reflect back at my own personal experiences, I feel that those which lie in the first case (user going to the artifact) form the major chunk.

And this thought is what is troubling me right now. Today, everything in our life is getting so easy.Today we have everything at our disposal in the comfort of our home/workplace. We no longer have to a go to bookstore to buy the book that we may be longing to read, but instead just order it online. In other words, we do not have to go to the object, instead it conveniently comes to us. So, are we compromising on experience by providing the convenience of bringing the object to the user?

I need to think more deeply on my experiences now…Have you had a really happy experience, when the object came to you instead of you going to the object?


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