Learning from films…..

Last week, I watched a couple of movies and realized that movies have a lot of power embedded in them. They can make my joy-filled heart cry; they can bring a smile on my sad face; make me realize things and change my thinking ; and entertain and engage me completely. While I am watching a movie, try pulling me out of it and you would understand what I mean….

The creators of good films know how to provide an enriching EXPERIENCE to the audience (users). This is what I as an interaction designer need to learn from them. A film is not the result of a single person’s vision and work but of the entire crew and cast. The director plays a very important role in facilitating the entire team and coordinating the project. A film is just like any other project that I currently work on in my grad school and would eventually do so in the real world as well. In the production of a film, there are people from different backgrounds involved – a producer who invests the money, actors who act, director who guides, sound professionals, light & camera professionals, choreographers, writer, editor, even those spot-boys who run around the place. And all these people are experts in their own work. They collaborate and work together for their film.

Computers are becoming an integral part of our lives. A few days back when my laptop crashed and I had to wait for about 4 days for a recovery CD to reach to my place. But those days seemed so long to me, like they would never end. I felt my life to be incomplete as I realized that I literally hang on to my laptop for atleast 10 hours everyday. With computers playing such a big role in our lives, it is time that they not only help us in doing our work efficiently or learning or playing a game but also provide extreme experiences to us; experiences like the cinema provides. I should have “an experience” of my life while I am buying a book on Amazon, or while I am creating a video out of my family pictures, or as I am writing this blog. I as an designer need to design expressions that provide”an experience”. But of course, along with my team….


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