Interactive water board


Check out this really inspiring video of an interactive design concept called “The WaterBoard”. An amazing example of designing for experience.

It is an interactive board on which the users can manipulate the flow of water. The users can use a whiteboard pen to create lines, obstacles and objects in the path of water, and the water changes its path accordingly. Use a whiteboard eraser and water adjusts accordingly. It responds not only to whiteboard marker & eraser, but to human touch as well. And not just touch of hand, but the whole human body! The most fun part is seeing the plants and the lifeforms grow in water. It also gives a temporal quality of water. After a certain period, the stagnant water becomes stale, develops a greenish goo and little insects start circling above it.

It was truly an enjoyable experience for me, just watching this video. Cant believe how pleasurable it would be to interact directly with it. You dont believe my words…….check out the video for yourself )


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