Writing: an activity to think deeply

When I started this blog post, I titled it “Youtube: The next-gen Google”. By the time I reached near the end of the blog, I had a topic to do a semiotic analysis of, for next week’s blog post. Thanks Jeff ) , writing does help to think deeply.

Cloud Computing is the hot topic doing the rounds of the IT industry nowadays. I heard about it a few weeks back but never took the time out to understand exactly what it was. Today, when I came across the words again, I realized that it was time to gather some information about the words “Cloud Computing”.My instinct would have been to google for the words “Cloud Computing” and click on the Wikipedia link that  would have came up in the first or second place. But I was surprised that the first thing I did, was not to google for a wikipedia link, but instead went on to Youtube and searched for the terms “Cloud Computing”.

A number of videos came up with titles like “What is cloud computing”, “Explaining cloud computing” and so on. But the snapshot of the third link in the search results caught my eye. It was called “Cloud Computing in Plain English”, and had a white background with hand-drawn lines and sketches on it. I was able to get a basic understanding of the term by watching this simple, easy to understand, fun five-minute video. I highly recommend watching this video if you are not familiar with the words “Cloud computing” or plainly as an example of explaining concepts in simple terms.

I realized that this genre of videos are increasing in popularity and are being used extensively to explain new concepts and products in simple lay-man terms. Hmm…a good interaction design artifact for a semiotic analysis.

Wait for my post next week……….. ;)


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