Design out of context of the Design Software

I undertook a project to design a photograph incorporating old memories for one of my friends. I started out by having a sort of image of the design in my head. This time I did not start by creating pencil sketches, but instead started out directly creating the design on Photoshop. I started materializing the fussy image I had in my head. And then I kept playing around for with the design for quite a long time (redesign) – analyzing it and incorporating inspirations from other artifacts. Once I was pretty satisfied with the design, I created an image file. However, once I viewed that image file out of the context of Photoshop window- by itself and complete, I did not like the design as much as I liked it a few moments ago. So, another idea struck my mind and I went back into Photoshop and made those changes. The learning of my day being – context of the software used to design also impacts the design. We do need to see how the design actually looks out of the context of the design software.

Here is what my final design looked like:



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