What is User eXperience Design?

This is my attempt to bring some definition to the word ‘User eXperience Design’.  This is by no means an exhaustive list. I have tried to define the terms quite broadly. The What and How of a ‘Good User eXperience’…..


What constitutes a good user experience………….

  1. useful
  2. functional
  3. intuitive
  4. reliable
  5. efficient
  6. effective
  7. usable
  8. innovative
  9. aesthetically pleasing, beautiful
  10. delightful, ‘aha’ moment, wow-factor

How to design for a good user experience………….

  1. by understanding people needs, wants,behavior,constraints
  2. based in social & cultural context
  3. exploring opportunities
  4. based on people’s past experiences
  5. power to evoke emotions
  6. forgiving to errors
  7. simplicity
  8. optimized for most frequent tasks
  9. informative & timely feedback
  10. story-telling
  11. human touch
  12. multiple iterations
  13. prototyping


  1. Thanks for sharing this link Nupur. I especially like the way they present their argument and the animated video 🙂


  2. Your articles are good and the new definition of DEAD as an accronym is interesting… I never thought it could be broken down this way!


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