That design is so DEAD…

A few months back I posted a list of what constitutes a good user experience. That list is quite useful, but it is not something that is catchy. So today I came up with my own new vocabulary to talk about design and user experience.

For now, my new vocab is limited to one word. And that one word is made of 4 letters…..No no, the word is not love 😛

My 4 magical words are ……….DEAD

D = Desirable

E = Enjoyable

A = Amazing

D = Delightful.

In the past, I have often used these 4 words when talking about design and user experiences. However I did not realize till today that together they make a great group as well as a catchy word…

So, the next time you hear me saying, “Man, that design is DEAD……” Dont take my words literally. The fun lies in the irony of the usage of the word.


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